Membership Info

Valley View Golf Club is a Limited Stock Private Golf Club and all memberships give the rights of a “Stockholder Member.”

Stockholder Members shall be stockholders in good standing who shall have the right to vote and to hold office in the Club and shall have such other privileges as the Board of Directors shall determine.  In the case of a husband/wife stockholder membership, both parties shall have these rights, subject to the restriction of only one vote for one share of stock.

The membership shall consist of one category for dues, assessment charges and membership privilege purposes and is defined as follows:

Member:  Any person, regardless of marital status, which extends to a spouse and dependents as defined in Article VI, Section 6 of By-Laws, and to a significant other as defined in Article VI, Section 7 of the By-Laws.

Unmarried children of stockholder members who are over 18 years of age but not yet 23 may play golf under the stockholder’s membership provided he/she is attending school and is legally dependent upon the stockholder(s) for support.  Verification of this status may be required by income tax records.

Stock may be transferred and/or sold by the stockholder subject to the process established and approval of the transferee or purchaser by the Board of Directors and the payment of a $750.00 transfer fee.  All indebtedness of the stockholder to the Club must be paid before the stock may be transferred.

Stockholders who sell and/or transfer stock are not eligible to be a member for one (1) year from date of transaction.

For further information about membership at Valley View Golf Club please call or stop by and we would be happy to assist.