Tutorial: How to Make a Tee Time Online

This tutorial will walk you through how to make an online tee time. Along the way, I will explain the following:

  • Log In
  • Tee Sheet View
  • Search View

1: Log In

The tee time software is only available to our members, therefore you must log into the website to be able to access it. Click the ‘Member Login’ at the home page of the website.

This will open the login dialog, enter your username/email and password. Then click “Log In”.

This will bring you back to the home page, and now there will be a “Member Area” item with more options for you, one of them being the “Tee Times” link.

Next, click the “Tee Times” link.

2: Tee Sheet

Now, you will see the Tee Sheet view. From this view, you can do the following:

  • Create a new tee time
  • Edit an existing tee time
  • Join a tee time

2.1 Create a new tee time

To join a new tee time, find an open spot on the Tee Sheet and click it. For example, Tue 6/13 8:10am:

This will open the Tee Time Editor:

The Tee Time Editor has a few items to point out.

  • Header – “Tee Time Details” with a timer on the right hand side of the screen. The timer gives you 3 minutes to create your tee time. While you are creating a tee time, a “lock” is generated that prevents other members from editing the same time that you are currently editing. Once 3 minutes has passed, the editor will become disabled and you will not be able to submit your tee time. Also, the lock will be removed opening up the Tee Time to other members.
  • TeeTime – This label should match the date on the Tee Sheet that you clicked.
  • Players – There are 4 controls that handle selecting other members for your tee time. By default, on a new Tee Time the Player 1 field should automatically populate with the logged in player.
  • Cancel Button – The cancel button will cancel the tee time and will not create it.
  • Submit Button – The submit button must be clicked for the tee time to be created.

To add additional Players, click the

 button. This will open the Player control:


The Player control has a few items to point out:

  • Member Tab – This is the default option. It provides a search box that you can use to find members. As you type, it will automatically search the member directory for matches. Once you find the member you are looking for, you must select them to fill the opening.
  • Guest Tab – Clicking this tab will populate the opening with a Guest (non member).
  • TBD Tab – Short for “To Be Determined”. This is equivalent to our “+1” option when calling the pro shop. You are saying that you will fill this opening at a later date.

Once you have filled your tee time, click the Submit button and the tee time will be saved. Now your tee time will show up in “yellow” on the Tee Sheet:

2.2 Edit Tee Time

To edit any tee time from the Tee Sheet, all you have to do is click it. This will bring up the same Tee Time dialog used in the create step:

At this point you can change anything you want for your own tee time. Note, if you were to edit a tee time owned by someone else, you will only be able to change items related to you. For example, here is a tee time I joined but did not create:

As you can see, I can only edit the Player 3 option in that tee time because it’s related to me. Therefore, I can not alter the tee time in any other way.

If I would like to remove myself from the tee time, I would click the

 and then click “Submit”.

2.3 Join an existing Tee Time

To join a tee time, find a tee time that has an opening and click it:

By placing my mouse over the 4:20 time, a popup will appear showing all the members of the tee time. Here I can see that there is one opening, so I will click it to join. This will bring up the same Tee Time editor we have seen previously:

The Player 4 spot is open, so I can click the button and search for my name. Then click “Submit” to save the tee time. Now the tee time will show up “yellow” on the tee sheet:

3: Search View

There is another way to create tee times. There is a Search View on the search tab.

There are 5 important items in this view:

  • Start: This is a calendar control that will allow you to select a date. The default is the current day.
  • Open Spots: Here you are allowed to select the number of openings you need in a tee time. The default is one.
  • Time of Day: This allows you to select ‘morning’ or ‘afternoon’. The default is ‘morning’.
  • Search: The search button must be clicked to execute the search.
  • Tee Time Carousel: The carousel will display the tee times that match the search criteria selected above. If there are no matches, it will display “No Tee Times Available” (as it does above).

If I wanted to find a tee time for 1 person in the morning on 6/14/2017 my view would look something like this:

From here, you can navigate using the arrows in the carousel or select/create a tee time in the current view. All other rules around creating/joining tee times still apply.


Video Tutorial:

For those who would like a little more assistance in learning how to use the online tee times system, we have also created this video walk through that will cover much of the above in real time.