Online Tee Times Supported Browsers

Our tee time software is built on the newest and most secure technologies available.  This is a short guide to enhance your experience using the new tee time software on your computer at home.  Below is a list of the major browsers and a brief explanation of how they work with our software:

Internet Explorer (versions 7, 8, 9, 10, 11):

Internet Explorer has been around for years.  Most computers have it installed by default.  In fact, Windows 10 has IE 11 installed by default.  However, the browser is over 2 years old and does not support the latest web technology.  Please do not use Internet Explorer – we do not support it!


Edge Browser:

Edge is the Microsoft replacement of Internet Explorer.  It was completely rewritten and to be honest, this is a great choice for your browser.  According to Microsoft, this is their browser of choice.  It fully supports our tee time software and Microsoft is ensuring that it stays safe and secure through periodic updates.  To get Edge, go here:


Chrome Browser:

Chrome is Google’s version of a browser.  Google updates their browser regularly to maintain security and new enhancements that the internet requires.  This is a great option to use for our tee time software and we fully support Chrome.  To download Chrome, go here:


Firefox Browser:

Firefox is another excellent browser choice.  Firefox is owned by Mozilla and like Google, they keep it up to date with security enhancements and features that the internet requires.  We fully support Firefox as well.  To download Firefox, go here:


Safari Browser:

Safari is the Apple browser of choice.  This is a Apple only browser.  However, this is another browser that stays up to date and is fully compatible with our tee time software.  To download Safari, go here: